Online Course system with mcq test

on 12/5/19
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Main Modules:1. Online Course Module as like Udemy, Edex, Coursera2. Online MCQ testSub Module:3. Two Types of User Deshboard (i) Students (ii) Instructors4. Quize contest with in the online members (any member can invite more than one member to contest- Show the toppers list in home page)5. Subscription Packages ( Monthly, Yearly etc or Per Course & Subject) both or individually for course & exam.6. Package Offer option needed7. Online payment system (First time Bkash or rocket)Details:1. Course Module: Courses are should be approved by admin or moderator. Course details as like Udemy, Edex, Coursera Student can go to next lessor after complete the previous lesson & pass the test (if available) On the test system the content should be text, math field, MCQ, equation, Fill in the Blanks, File upload system supported. Every question should have the correct answer options (they also support above format) If any fails certain times (define by course instructor) to collect the minimum marks (define when create the course) to pass the test than the system suggest the correct answer button.*Some sample should be provided2. Online MCQ test: Subject wise & Category wise mcq test When student purchase course with mcq test than they canparticipate only the same subject mcq test (if purchase mcq testwith more subject or duration package than they can) Need the system to add question or option easily form onceuploaded for another question set. Before starting a mcq test some information appear about thetest (like- how much participate already this test, highest markswith time taken, Total question for this test, total marks,negative marking, total time ect) All questions should support Image, text, math field, equations,UNICODE All options should be support Image, text, math field, equations,UNICODE All questions should have a details field with Image, text, mathfield, equations, UNICODE When start the mcq test Countdown times will start & and aftertimes up the answer taking will stop and finish the exam Can go previous questions to change the answer before finish After finish the exam the exam data should appear with details (Total participant, Highest marks, Total marks for this exam, totalcorrect answer, your marks, negative marks, net marks etc) A question set can contain multi category, Category wise % also show as graph A progress bar also show as his previously taken this exam Correct Answar Button w

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