1. Ongoing project - Find emails and contacts on recurring basis

    Posted: on 8/3/17 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    Hey guys, This is a simple task which is outlined below:- Using the company name I have provided, please find the CEO or top decision maker of the person... ..more Total Bid : 20 Views : 1560
  2. Available Suervey For Bangladesh

    Posted: on 7/3/17 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    Good news! survey available in Bangladesh. I have need 100 Freelancer who know basic computer. Per day $1 to $10 above income guarantee ..more Total Bid : 83 Views : 2220
  3. SMM Expert

    Posted: on 26/2/17 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    Need 2 freelancer for SMM. BID on this job only expert freelancers. ..more Total Bid : 17 Views : 1844
  4. Social Media Marketing

    Posted: on 26/2/17 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    I want to manage my Social media pages. I have need 2-3 Expert Smm expert. ..more Total Bid : 15 Views : 1632
  5. Find me Some Leads

    Posted: on 24/2/17 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    We are looking for business owners, CEO\\'s, or President of IT Managed Services firms with 50-250 employees. How many leads of this type do you think... ..more Total Bid : 15 Views : 1542
  6. Unlimited U.S.A Facebook account need

    Posted: on 24/2/17 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    100% 12 din por por taka paben .1. USA Female Name2. 4+ profile pic high quality same girl Cute and sexy look (no model pic, no cropped pic, no Asian girl... ..more Total Bid : 20 Views : 1604
  7. Unlimited U.S.A based Facebook account need

    Posted: on 24/2/17 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    Unlimited Facebook ID Buy Korbo আর তার জন্য একটা গ্রুপ প্রয়োজন যেখান থেকে কিনা আনলিমিটেড আইডি কিনব । 100% monthly Payment Per ID Rate 5TK. Requirement 1.... ..more Total Bid : 16 Views : 1590
  8. Facebook Page Moderator - One Week Trial

    Posted: on 21/2/17 Budget: Tk.349.00 to Tk.350.00
    Hidden Bid
    One week trial project for a Facebook Page Moderator:- Time schedule 1am to 7am- Hide spam/bad comments- Reply to comments- Check after every 40-60 minutes... ..more Total Bid : 13 Views : 1703
  9. Facebook Page Comment Moderation

    Posted: on 17/2/17 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    Hidden Bid
    We need someone to moderate our Facebook page comments from midnight to early morning (1am -7am). The job responsibilities are quite simple, the most... ..more Total Bid : 9 Views : 1598
  10. Facebook Marketing

    Posted: on 14/2/17 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    আর্জেন্ট ভেরিফায় ফেইসবুক আইডি দরকার ।USA ভেরিফায় হলে চলবে । কিন্তু আইডি পুরোপুরি ফ্রেশ হতে হবে যেমন ধরুন লগ ইন করলে অনেক সময় রিকভারি ইমেইল/ ফোন চাই বা... ..more Total Bid : 13 Views : 1683
  11. Affiliate Marketer for a Coupon Website

    Posted: on 12/2/17 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    I am looking for someone who can increase sales through my coupons and deals based website. Please have a look on the website www.cutoffpromo.com Payment... ..more Total Bid : 1 Views : 1547
  12. Marketing for me

    Posted: on 12/2/17 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    I am finding an expert for selling my reseller hosting. Inside and outside of bangladesh. ..more Total Bid : 3 Views : 1525
  13. White Hat SEO Specialist

    Posted: on 11/2/17 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    I need someone to do SEO work. I will give detailed instruction of what to do by a video. I need someone who is faithful and will work hard. Someone who... ..more Total Bid : 11 Views : 1652
  14. Social Media Marketing

    Posted: on 9/2/17 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    Hello there,I am looking for someone expert in SMM (social media marketing) with a strong portfolio. Currently, I own a business website with a view to... ..more Total Bid : 7 Views : 1672
  15. SEO my Website

    Posted: on 9/2/17 Budget: Tk.10,000.00 to Tk.20,000.00
    I need SEO expert for our company website. If you interested Tell me your strategy . ..more Total Bid : 16 Views : 1604
  16. Telemarket for me

    Posted: on 5/2/17 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    Hiring telemarketers come virtual assistants for USA time zones, interested candidates may message/drop their candidature at private massage ..more Total Bid : 6 Views : 1758
  17. Need To Dating Sites Sign up Worker.

    Posted: on 5/2/17 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    আমার কিছু ওয়রকার দরকার তাদের অবশ্যই অনলাইন মার্কেটিং অবিজ্ঞতা থাকতে হবে। যারা অনলাইন মার্কেটিং বা এসইও বিষয়ে ধারণা আছে শুধু তারা কাজের জন্য বিট করুন।... ..more Total Bid : 24 Views : 1726
  18. Facebbok Massage sent

    Posted: on 5/2/17 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    I will give you FB page link, I also give u massages. You have to sent them & collect massage link. I will give you 300tk for 1000 massage sent.If you... ..more Total Bid : 28 Views : 1754
  19. Urgent like4like point need

    Posted: on 2/2/17 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    Urgent 30,000 like 4 like point laghbe kew dile parle plzz knock me & payment dewa hobe monday . ..more Total Bid : 3 Views : 1510
  20. Find USA/UK/Germany University Leads

    Posted: on 31/1/17 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    Need Experience Worker Only... I need USA/UK/Germany University Leads with Following Information( Name/ University Name/ Job Title / Country / LinkedIn URL... ..more Total Bid : 9 Views : 1669
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