1. Urgent Verify Gmail-ID Need

    Posted: on 19/1/17 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    আর্জেন্ট ভেরিফায় জিমেইল আইডি ধরকার । যে কোন দেশের ভেরিফায় হলেই চলবে । কিন্তু আইডি পুরোপুরি ফ্রেশ হতে হবে যেমন ধরুন লগ ইন করলে অনেক সময় রিকবারি ইমেইল/ ফোন... ..more Total Bid : 9 Views : 1767
  2. Find me Some Leads

    Posted: on 19/1/17 Budget: Tk.10,000.00 to Tk.20,000.00
    Need urgent Lead Generator if you interested please bid here ..more Total Bid : 21 Views : 1769
  3. Help me with Internet Marketing

    Posted: on 19/1/17 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    Hi Guys,we´re looking for a SEO optimization for our YouTube Channel.We´re a creative company working in Projection Mapping, Media & Art... ..more Total Bid : 4 Views : 1813
  4. need verified email

    Posted: on 15/1/17 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    urgent need!! urgent need!!i need phone verified genuine email address , i will give 3tk per email..who are interested bid here.. ..more Total Bid : 10 Views : 1819
  5. Social Media Marketing

    Posted: on 14/1/17 Budget: Tk.10,000.00 to Tk.20,000.00
    I am looking some one who have an active twitter account. ..more Total Bid : 17 Views : 1845
  6. Need Gmail-ID/U.S.A Phone number

    Posted: on 13/1/17 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    Fully fresh unlimited gmail-id need. Gmail-ID Requirment: (U.S.A Phone number verified nothing other country . Recovery mail added.) (Excel sheet must be... ..more Total Bid : 9 Views : 1773

    Posted: on 13/1/17 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
  8. need payoneer 30$

    Posted: on 13/1/17 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    Hi I need 30 usd payoneer. If anyone have for sale please bid on. ..more Total Bid : 3 Views : 1753
  9. YouTube Channel Subscriber need

    Posted: on 12/1/17 Budget: Tk.350.00 to Tk.500.00
    আমার একটি YouTube Channel আছে . 2500 ‍সাবস্ক্রাইবার প্রয়োজন। ১৫ দিনের মধ্যে কাজটি করতে হবে। এ কাজটি শেষ হলে পরবর্তীতে আরও কাজ দেওয়া হবে আলোচনা করে। ..more Total Bid : 6 Views : 1866
  10. Classifieds Ads posting

    Posted: on 5/1/17 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    Hello Freelancers, I need Classifieds poster in USA only at California state . Like : CL, Backpage and other top rated classifieds site in California . A... ..more Total Bid : 5 Views : 1768
  11. Need Verify 3k-5k Friends Female Facebook Account

    Posted: on 5/1/17 Budget: Tk.500.00 to Tk.1,000.00
    Need Some Verify 3k-5k Friends Female Facebook Account (number verify). Account ta onk din purano hote hobe.Active Friend thakte hobe.. ..more Total Bid : 19 Views : 1769
  12. Find me Some Leads

    Posted: on 3/1/17 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    need some person for lead generation work. If you can then bid here. ..more Total Bid : 7 Views : 1734
  13. Online Vote By SMS

    Posted: on 2/1/17 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    Dear All,I need to promote a url and get voting on that through SMS. Please let me know if someone help me, preference to Indians. Thanks ..more Total Bid : 14 Views : 1812
  14. Help me with Facebook Account Create

    Posted: on 29/12/16 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    Hidden Bid
    Hello fellows, It\\'s super simple work. I need some help to Create some facebook account for SMM purpose. Its server base word. I will assist you how... ..more Total Bid : 37 Views : 1871
  15. Find me Some Leads

    Posted: on 29/12/16 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    jara sudhu linkedin sompotke janen vlo tara bid korben and skype id die bid korben please ..more Total Bid : 5 Views : 1742
  16. We need live ads on craigslistd

    Posted: on 29/12/16 Budget: Tk.30,000.00 to Tk.100,000.00
    We are looking for people who can post live ads on craigslistd USA. We want to expand our business. bid here. ..more Total Bid : 13 Views : 1755
  17. Youtube channel subscriber needed

    Posted: on 28/12/16 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    আমার Youtube চ্যানেলে কিছু সাবর্স্কাইবার দরকার .... সাবস্কাইবার অনুযায়ী টাকা দিব .... ..more Total Bid : 21 Views : 1808
  18. Facebook Adverts Expert

    Posted: on 27/12/16 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    Hi\\'I am looking for someone fully competent in Facebook Adverts who is able to create and Analyze campaigns based on the results of my shop page.For... ..more Total Bid : 7 Views : 1700
  19. Craigslistp Ad Posters Needed

    Posted: on 27/12/16 Budget: Tk.10,000.00 to Tk.20,000.00
    Hidden Bid
    We are a growing company and we need to expand our business through ad posting on craigslist now. If interested bid here ..more Total Bid : 12 Views : 1833
  20. Need share and Like in my personal Facebook page...

    Posted: on 26/12/16 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    10000 likes + 1000 reviews + 2000 share need in my personal facebook page. I want my facebook page to be more popular as it is used for business purpose ..... ..more Total Bid : 3 Views : 1762
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