1. Find me Some B2B Leads

    Posted: 1 week, 2 days ago Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    I'd like you to build a list of contacts, B2B, Buyers, Procurement, Operations or Financial, C level -2, so that would be for example CFO down to Business... ..more Total Bid : 3 Views : 55
  2. Copywriting and Digital Marketing Project

    Posted: 1 week, 5 days ago Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    Hidden Bid
    Need Copywriting, Editing and Digital Marketing Support for my new project. ..more Total Bid : 8 Views : 106
  3. YouTube channel promotion

    Posted: 2 weeks ago Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    Hello,I want to promote my youtube channel please see my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVwBCsGOHG4 ..more Total Bid : 3 Views : 57
  4. Dollar buy and sell

    Posted: 2 weeks, 4 days ago Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    I need a dollar buy and sell wallet.I am from Dinajpur.I need it very urgent. ..more Total Bid : 2 Views : 90
  5. আমি একটি গুগল অ্যাডসেন্স অ্যাকাউন্ট করেছিলাম একটি ল্যাপটপ দিয়ে। তো আমার সাইটে যখন আমি এটা কানেক্ট করি তখন বলে যে এটাতে অলরেডি একটা অ্যাকাউন্ট করা হয়েছে ।... ..more Total Bid : 9 Views : 135
  6. Voice Talent

    Posted: 2 weeks, 6 days ago Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    বাংলা ভয়েসের জন্য মেয়েরা অগ্রাধিকার পাবেন । একটি ইউটিউব চ্যানেলের জন্য ভয়েস ট্যালেন্ট পারসন দরকার । প্রতি ০৩ থেকে ০৫ মিনিটের ভয়েসের জন্য ৫০ টাকা পাবেন ।... ..more Total Bid : 6 Views : 136
  7. Youtube subscribe

    Posted: 3 weeks, 3 days ago Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    Hidden Bid
    আমার ১০০০ ইউটিউব রিয়েল সাবসক্রাইবার লাগবে। রিয়েল হতে হবে ..more Total Bid : 9 Views : 154
  8. FB Page Like / Boost

    Posted: 3 weeks, 4 days ago Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    I need help to boost my page, with some real FB users, it is not a products, it is a page for a Person. We need Page Like. ..more Total Bid : 7 Views : 99
  9. affiliate marketing and sale generations

    Posted: on 28/4/20 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.1,000,000.00
    Hidden Bid
    Hi guys I have a affiliate marketing program. I have some digital product which you need to sell i will give 10% of every sell it will automated so there is... ..more Total Bid : 2 Views : 135
  10. Lead Generation Expert needed

    Posted: on 26/4/20 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    Targeted Industry: Gaming (Video games, web games, mobile games, console games, PC and Mac Games)Target Area: Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, CA, Seattle, WA,... ..more Total Bid : 13 Views : 143
  11. Social Media Marketing

    Posted: on 4/4/20 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    50 Jon member k select kora hobe jader social media marketing er upor basic knowledge ase. pc/android mobile thakte hobe. net thakte hobe. ..more Total Bid : 35 Views : 356
  12. Looking for an Experienced Facebook Marketer

    Posted: on 27/3/20 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    ফ্লোরিডা বেজড বড় বড় ফেসবুক গ্রুপে যুক্ত আছেন এমন একজন দরকার। অবশ্যই ইউএস একাউন্ট লাগবে। প্রজেক্ট বেজড স্যালারি। ভালো করলে লং টাইম কাজের সুযোগ থাকবে। ..more Total Bid : 4 Views : 165
  13. Need a Facebook page

    Posted: on 25/3/20 Budget: Tk.500.00 to Tk.1,999.00
    I want to buy a Facebook page, which is having at least 2k - 3k like. Please send me link of the page with your bid message.Thank You ..more Total Bid : 14 Views : 183
  14. Need lead-generation expert

    Posted: on 23/3/20 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    I need 1 lead-generation expert. I will give you 5 industry ( from LinkedIn). I need 70 leads for per industry. Total leads: 350 Country: United Kingdom... ..more Total Bid : 14 Views : 171
  15. SEO my Website

    Posted: on 18/3/20 Budget: Tk.10,000.00 to Tk.20,000.00
    Hi,I am looking for a successful promotion and SEO for the following website. We have the keyword need to rank for and I will send that keyword after hire.... ..more Total Bid : 6 Views : 141
  16. Email Auto responder

    Posted: on 9/3/20 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    Amr imap/pop 3 support kore amn akta auto resoponder lagbe .... mainly aita email marketing er jonno proyojon ..more Total Bid : 6 Views : 97
  17. SEO Executive

    Posted: on 5/3/20 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    Dear Freelancer,We need digital marketing executive at our office to promote for our website, affiliate site, magazine. We prefer both fresher and experts,... ..more Total Bid : 8 Views : 152
  18. Seo for my blog

    Posted: on 4/3/20 Budget: Tk.10,000.00 to Tk.20,000.00
    Payment 50% after google 2nd page and rest are after 1st page. Budget is not fixed, it\\'s may be change if need. Targeted time 3 months. Let me know... ..more Total Bid : 6 Views : 137
  19. I need 15 Gmail

    Posted: on 29/2/20 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    I need 15 Gmail. জিমেইল গুলো অবশ্যই দুই মাসে পুরাতন হতে হবে মিনিমাম15 টা জিমেইল এর জন্য আমি 100 টাকা দিব ..more Total Bid : 8 Views : 250
  20. I need some one with linkedin sales navigator account

    Posted: on 19/2/20 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    I need some one with linkedin sales navigator account to do a simple task. Kindly know me asap. ..more Total Bid : 5 Views : 196
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