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  1. Submit some Articles

    Posted: 2 weeks, 6 days ago Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    Need 500 backlinks from high DA website. It will must White Hat method and Do Follow Backlinks.Apply this job with recent work sample.Without sample,.....more
    Total Bid : 4 Views : 188
  2. I need a craigslist experienced ad poster urgently

    Posted: 2 weeks, 6 days ago Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    I need a ad poster. they have to be some PVA account if interest knock me...more
    Total Bid : 5 Views : 169
  3. Social Media Marketing

    Posted: 2 weeks, 6 days ago Budget: Tk.10,000.00 to Tk.20,000.00
    ’m looking for an assistant in social media marketing (SMM) who will support me in these tasks:-Create a Facebook/Instagram account for the.....more
    Total Bid : 16 Views : 238
  4. Web Research

    Posted: 2 weeks, 6 days ago Budget: Tk.1,000.00 to Tk.2,000.00
    আমার ৫০০ দোকানের নাম এবং তাদের ইমেইল দরকার। দেশ: ইউকে (বৃটেন)। দোকান গুলো ইয়ারফোন বিক্রি করে এবং তাদের দাম ২০ পাউন্ড হতে ৭০ পাউন্ড এর মধ্যে। Please place.....more
    Total Bid : 10 Views : 251
  5. Needed a list of information about companies that are manage Residential Properties such as Single Family Homes, Condos, Townhomes, Duplexes and.....more
    Total Bid : 2 Views : 161
  6. Startup Basic MVC project

    Posted: 2 weeks, 5 days ago Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    I am looking for a startup MVC5 project. the requirements are: User role as admin and normal user. Admin will see admin dashboard and the user will see user.....more
    Total Bid : 4 Views : 154
  7. Data Entry Jobs

    Posted: 2 weeks, 3 days ago Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    ডাটা এন্ট্রি কাজরে জন্য দ্রুত টাইপ করতে পারে এমন ৪০-৫০ জন লোক লাগবে। যা দেখে দেখে টাইপ করতে হবে। যারা কাজ করতে আগ্রহী তারা বিট করেন। FD আডি সহকারে বিড করুণ।..more
    Total Bid : 49 Views : 480
  8. Product listing on Amazon and magento.

    Posted: 2 weeks, 2 days ago Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    I need 3 freelancer for Amazon and Megento product listing...more
    Total Bid : 6 Views : 176
  9. Design a website

    Posted: 2 weeks, 1 day ago Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    I need someone that can redesign a professional website for me. I have a website but i want to make this look like another site...more
    Total Bid : 13 Views : 166
  10. Quora Answer Needed

    Posted: 1 week, 4 days ago Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    Hello,I need an freelancer who post 50 answer on and 21 on yahoo answer. I\\'ll Provide answer and question on excel file. On Quora every.....more
    Total Bid : 8 Views : 159
  11. Involving software

    Posted: 1 week ago Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    I want a database beside invoice making software. Offline product management and sales report...more
    Total Bid : 6 Views : 60
  12. Lead Generation (need to hire 2 person)

    Posted: 1 week ago Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.50,000.00
    i am looking to buildup my own lead generation team including 2 more members. Finding anyone\\'s email with given instruction is the main purpose of.....more
    Total Bid : 18 Views : 156
  13. PDF to Word Conversion

    Posted: 6 days ago Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    I have some PDF files I need type into a Microsoft word (Bijoy only for Bangla). You have to type Banlga and English at the same time. If you are interested.....more
    Total Bid : 25 Views : 225
  14. Design a Logo

    Posted: 3 days, 3 hours ago Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    I need a designer who will design my logo for an appstore.The store name will be: appmistri..more
    Total Bid : 22 Views : 108

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