1. Search the Web for Something

    Posted: on 23/6/19 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    Simple data entry project.Just need emails .Check the file.Contact details in Column... ..more Total Bid : 26 Views : 198
  2. Submit some Articles

    Posted: on 23/6/19 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    I need Google account review worker 1. Per review 25 Taka2. Used different IP and Device3. Submit per day only 2-3 review per link4. Used Old USA, UK, AUS... ..more Total Bid : 8 Views : 102
  3. skrill account

    Posted: on 19/6/19 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    hi i need to process payments for my website but i need a skrill business account that allows customers to pay with credit debit card. I will pay 20% of the... ..more Total Bid : 6 Views : 102
  4. Amazon Product Listing Specialist

    Posted: on 17/6/19 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    Looking for a VA familiar with creating new product detail pages / listings on Amazon. Must be able to create the listings, complete with all provided and... ..more Total Bid : 11 Views : 117
  5. Data Entry

    Posted: on 17/6/19 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.300.00
    জেনে বুজে বিড করবেন! না বুজে বিড করবেন না! না বুজে বীড করার জন্য আমি বিরক্ত। মনযোগ দিয়ে দেখেন, কাজটা হচ্ছে আপনাকে ভিডিও এর অডিও শুনে MS Word File লিখতে হবে।... ..more Total Bid : 24 Views : 471
  6. Finding Linkedin Link

    Posted: on 16/6/19 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    I send a list with full of First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Contact Email,Job Title,Town (UK). All info into the sheet, you need to do finding only... ..more Total Bid : 22 Views : 350
  7. Lead Generation

    Posted: on 13/6/19 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    I need Some Leads Generator, Experience to https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/sempre-health /... ..more Total Bid : 14 Views : 158
  8. Data Entry Expert

    Posted: on 11/6/19 Budget: Tk.1,000.00 to Tk.1,500.00
    We need someone who can dedicate 40 hours each week and can keep working for a long time.So, candidate must have to expert in Excel, Data Collections and... ..more Total Bid : 45 Views : 324
  9. Android app promotion pay per install

    Posted: on 10/6/19 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    I\\'m looking for someone who can prompt our android app. It\\'s need to prompt all over Bangladesh and not outside in our country. We are pay per... ..more Total Bid : 5 Views : 125
  10. Web Research

    Posted: on 9/6/19 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.101.00
    Requirements: Search only for free online tools (not trail). 1) Free and no trail period. 2) No download required. 3) Everything is on online. Please check... ..more Total Bid : 7 Views : 115
  11. Just Massage Sending

    Posted: on 7/6/19 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    5000 sms send korte hobe. I will pay for this y 500 taka If want please knock me Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/shopdorkarbd ..more Total Bid : 36 Views : 294
  12. Assit me with Sign Up project

    Posted: on 31/5/19 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    Need freelancer for my Sign Up project. Bid with your contact information (Skype and phone number). No experience needed. Thanks for bid here. ..more Total Bid : 19 Views : 202
  13. I need to find out company website address and phone number

    Posted: on 31/5/19 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    Hi,I have 1000 company name ,i need someone who will find out 1.Adress 2.Phone.3 websiteI will pay based on how much data you found.If you found 600 data... ..more Total Bid : 23 Views : 211
  14. Site ranking on google

    Posted: on 29/5/19 Budget: Tk.30,000.00 to Tk.100,000.00
    আমি NFL নিয়া একটা সাইট বানাতে চাই। আগামী ৩ মাস পরে এনএফএল এর খেলা শুরু হবে। এবং আগামী ৬ মাস পর্যন্ত খেলা চলবে। এখন টোটাল প্যাকেজ হিসেবে কাজটা করাতে চাই।... ..more Total Bid : 6 Views : 141
  15. Analyze Some Data

    Posted: on 29/5/19 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    Linkedin Copy And Paste Jobs, Simple Linkedin Copy And Paste Jobs, Very easy work.See more:... ..more Total Bid : 21 Views : 182
  16. Do some Excel Work (LEAD GENERATION)

    Posted: on 27/5/19 Budget: Tk.1,000.00 to Tk.2,000.00
    I need some lead generation of online market places of Bangladesh. Can anyone collect it for me ? ..more Total Bid : 30 Views : 235
  17. Fill in a Spreadsheet with Data

    Posted: on 27/5/19 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    i have a very simple data entry job . collect data using google search . very much easy job . sample video will be provided . my budget is per 1k data 500tk... ..more Total Bid : 41 Views : 311
  18. Hire a Virtual Assistant

    Posted: on 23/5/19 Budget: Tk.1,000.00 to Tk.2,000.00
    Need a Virtual Assistant for some Data Entry, Web search related task. Looking for a long-term working relationship and need accurate work. ..more Total Bid : 22 Views : 159
  19. Analyze Some Data

    Posted: on 22/5/19 Budget: Tk.2,000.00 to Tk.5,000.00
    Hello people,I am looking for some efficient people for my upcoming project. Your help can help me to achieve my success. The payment can be higher... ..more Total Bid : 18 Views : 129
  20. Youtube Subscriber Need (1000)

    Posted: on 16/5/19 Budget: Tk.100.00 to Tk.500.00
    New ekta youtube chanal er Subscriber barate hobe.proti 1000 subscriber er jonno 100-150 taka dewa hobe. Zara kaaj Ta korte parben kebol tara bid korben. ..more Total Bid : 13 Views : 159
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