Speed and all settings are ok but I can’t log into my Belancer account?

     In this situation there might be two possible problems-

       i) Go to your browser settings and Check whether your Cookies/ cache is disabled or not. Our website requires cookies/cache enabled so if you disabled the Cookies/Cache and enable and you are good to go.
       ii) Check whether your browser is Up-To-Date or not.

Every time I try to log in or open the website its showing certificate error or browser warning, what should i do?

Please check your PC/Laptop’s Date and Time settings. If the date or time is not  up-to-the-date you will face such kind of problem.

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

Click on the “Forgot Password” option from the Log in Page. Now you need to   provide your e-mail address and a Captcha. A password resting e-mail will be sent in your provided e-mail address and by clicking on the link or giving the PIN you will be able to recover your account.
If you have forgot your e-mail password,  PLease do contact with our Customer Support Team.

I have completed my project but can’t withdraw fund from my account.

It may occur for two reasons:
       i. May be the project is still is in Final Review session
       ii. Or your balance is less than 2000. Minimum withdraw amount is 2000.

How to delete user account from belancer.com?

Freelancer or Employer have to visit this  link: https://belancer.com/support/index.php?/Tickets/Submit.
There Freelancer or Employer can request for delete his/her account with valid reason.In this request Freelancer or Employer will must attach username,mail,phone number.