How can an employer add fund?

In your dashboard subtitle there is an option of “add fund” please click here  than  select payment option.  There are four payment options available-         
i. Bkash           
ii. Paypal           
iii. SSL Commerce            
iv. Offline

How can employer add fund in his/her Belancer Wallet?

After login employer need to go to this link:      There are four methods for add amount to wallet. Employer need to select one method among them. Add funding methods are - (i) Paypal  (ii) SSLCOMMERCE  (iii) bkash  (iv) Belancer Office After select add funding method employer can add fund in his/her belancer wallet.

How do I negotiate different terms with a freelancer?

 Start by talking with your freelancer about the terms. If you come to an agreement in that discussion, the freelancer can update the job application so that you can hire with those terms.
  • If the applicant/freelancer accepts your offer, you’ve hired the applicant/freelancer.
  • The freelancer could decline your offer by rejecting the job application/project.

I don’t want to hire any of my applicants. What should I do next?

First, try running a few detailed searches for freelancers who meet your qualifications. But if you don’t find someone you're interested in then close the job and repost it again.

If searching doesn’t help you find better applicants:

i.  Close your job.
ii. Repost and revise your job, adding more details about the project and an emphasis on must-have skills. Great descriptions attract great freelancers!

What should I look for when reviewing applicants? How to Select a Winner?

Narrow down candidates based on preliminary information. Who is a good fit for your project select him/her as a winner.  You also can contact him/her via private message. For select a winner  you have to pay/add fund 5% of selected winner’s bidding price.    Refine your bidding list as you consider more information about each candidate, like feedback scores and work history.
  • Evaluate multiple job applications against criteria important to you, such as a freelancer's work experience, education, portfolio, certifications, references, feedback from prior clients, location, communication style, and cost.
  • Next, look at your remaining applicants’ profiles. Do their skills and work histories match the work that you need? Do their test scores and portfolios support their professional claims?

How can I manage my job applicants?

Each job contains a view where you can read the job applications received or who are bidding in your project. From there, you can contact the most suitable freelancer and select the best person for the project. When you find someone you're interested in, contact them with a message to your job and select him/her as a winner. 

After bidding expire or bidding close can employer select a winner?

Yes, But if bidding is close than the project is also closed. 

Belancer removed my job posting! What happened?

There may be a couple of reasons why we removed your job posting, but our system is setup to let you know why it happens when it does.
  • If you reposted your present job/project, it is most likely because same job/project    was still open for bidding.
  • If you posted a job using the exact job title you used before, our system removes the job posting. To do this, simply make a small change to the title of one of the postings so they are not exactly the same.
  • We remove job postings when they violate Belancer policy. When this happens, the Marketplace Quality Team sends an email to explain why they removed the job posting.