How much fund is needed for winner selection?

5% of the selected Winner’s bidding price.

What is Escrow?

Escrow is the payment assurance system by Belancer. When employer move his/her fund  from wallet to escrow then freelancer can view that   balance in  escrow. After viewing escrow balance of employer the freelancer can assure that he/she will get payment after doing the work. After getting escrow for the project freelancer can start work. Escrow balance will stay in until the work complete.

How can employer add fund?

In your dashboard subtitle there is an option of “add fund” please click here than   select payment option.  There are four payment options available-                  
    i. Bkash                   
    ii. Paypal                 
    iii. SSL Commerce                
    iv. Offline

How much fund is needed for doing Escrow?

As per default employer must escrow 10% of bidding price. Otherwise as per freelancer demand.  

How can employer add fund in his/her Belancer Wallet?

After login employer need to go to this


There are four methods for add amount to walet. Employer need to select one method among them. Add funding methods are -
(i) Paypal  
(ii) SSLCommerz  
(iii) bkash  
(iv) Belancer OfficeAfter

 selecting Fund adding method employer can add fund in his/her Belancer wallet.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount for freelancer?

After achieving 2000 BDT freelancer can withdraw his/her Belancer wallet money.

What is the balance withdrawal method for freelancer?

Belancer provides three withdrawal method for freelancers. Methods are (i) All Local Bank  (ii) Bkash (iii) Belancer Office Freelancer can withdraw his/her fund  by applying those methods.

What is prepay percentage?

Prepay Percentage means what percent of payment a freelancer want from the employer as advance in his/her escrow account before starting the work.

Freelancer can input prepay percentage in the bidding period.Usually Belancer set 10% prepay percentage as default for every project.

What is the payment option?

Here is a two option:               
 i. Fixed or project base
   ii. Time or Job bas