How do I Bid in the project on Belancer?

Once you’ve completed your freelancing profile then it’s time to choose a freelance job. You’ll perform a search and review the results carefully. Setting the right filters (and using advanced search options like select budget or category) will narrow the results down to just the best opportunities for you.

On each job, pay special attention to the following:     
  ?      Skills fit – Do you have the skills the client lists?    
  ?      Availability fit – Do you have the time needed to devote to the work?      
  ?      Expertise fit – Are you experience enough for this client’s needs?      
  ?      Client quality – Is the client’s job post clear and reasonable?
Once you find a project that you’re interested in:      
a.   Click the Please Bid button for the job/project.
b.   Set your Amount.
c.   Give prepay amount percentage.       
d.   Give description( at least 1000 character)    
e.   Set duration (in days)       
f.    Click please Bid and you're done!

After you’ve applied for any Project, be sure to check your Belancer Messages and Notifications often.